PRK welcomes new CEO

PEAK Renewables Kootenays welcomes Kevin Jewett as New CEO

Cranbrook, B.C.  February 19, 2024

Peak Renewables Kootenays is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Jewett as Chief Executive Officer.  Kevin joins the team with an accomplished career across various roles and regions in the Canadian Forest Industry.

From his beginnings in Woodlands through his time in sawmilling, Kevin has been a dedicated leader and innovator.  As Vice President of Fiber Supply and Government Relations for the AV Group on the East Coast, his strategic management as CEO of a lumber company in the same region, and his time as Vice President of Woodlands for Tolko he developed expertise in overseeing complex organizations in an ever- changing landscape.

Kevin’s commitment to industry advancement through collaboration was evident in his time with FP Innovations.  His efforts to bolster his team’s operational knowledge while maintaining strong relationships with clients and academia underscore the importance he places on sustainable forestry research and innovation.

Peak Renewables Kootenays looks forward to the wisdom and extensive experience Kevin brings to the team.  His strategic vision focuses on strengthening current operations while seeking out opportunities for growth.  He is deeply committed to fostering partnerships with First Nations and immersing himself in the community he now calls home.

“We are confident that Kevin’s leadership will guide PRK toward a future of sustained growth and prosperity.”  – Brian Fehr, Chair, Peak Renewables Kootenays

About Peak Renewables Kootenay

Peak Renewables Kootenays is a vertically integrated natural resource company in the East Kootenay region of British Columbia.  Our team of specialists takes great pride in the sustainable management of our renewable resources, maximizing the value from all products we produce and supply to our customers. We are committed to working closely with local communities and First Nations to ensure diverse values are reflected in our businesses and the benefits are noticed/recognized by the people who live in the land on which we work.

Forest Residuals

Peak Industries is a secondary (value-add) facility in Cranbrook, B.C., converting trim blocks from local mills into finger jointed studs for the construction industry.

Recently we delivered a load of residuals to the Aq’am community, who use a boiler system to heat a variety of their buildings. We are excited to help keep the community warm this winter!

Peak Woodlands at Work!


What a beautiful site in the forest . . . a block that is just finished harvesting.  The skill, experience and commitment of our Peak Woodlands team is evident in the care that is taken to follow a thoughtful harvest plan, leaving a healthy stand and forest floor.

An experienced, committed team who cares deeply for the environment in which we all live and work is one of the strengths of Peak Woodlands.  Thanks for recognizing the many values our forest provides!

Keep The Kids Warm!

Cheers to Peak Industries for helping to solve a community challenge!  At our value-added manufacturing plant, we set aside our residual product for a variety of purposes.

Last week the Aqam Community boiler, which heats the daycare and the school, was needing a good quality product to keep its system running.  Peak Industries stepped up to deliver a load of chips to the community, ensuring that the heating system could function at peak efficiency.  

Thanks for keeping the kids warm and cozy so they can play and learn!

Post and Rail Peelers

Ever wonder where fence posts come from?

The Peak Peeler is an important part of our commitment to sustainable forestry.  Our Peak Woodlands team identifies logs that are too small for the sawmill, transporting those logs to the Peeler where the bark is removed, creating a product that will soon be your next fencepost!

Thanks to our foresters and logging crew for your diligence and passion sustainable forest practices and enhanced utilization.